how eventerscore works


The thinking behind EventerScore.

EventerScore forms part of the Eventerprise philosophy of ‘love all, serve all’

As a global platform for the events industry that offers a free online presence to event-related companies it made sense to complement our existing service with a free solution that simplifies and improves the management of event professionals’ total digital footprint.

What does it do?

It helps event professionals to measure the quality of their online presence against key metrics, such as SEO ranking, social media activity and domain authority. 

By comparing their digital performance to benchmarks within specific event categories event professionals can make the improvements that will grow their business.

Gamified tier badges simplify their category performance into 5 easy-to-understand tiers: Rising Star, Shooting Star, All-Star, Superstar and Grand Champion.

EventerScore’s use is not only limited to event businesses. Clients can use it to check up on the level of attention that a particular business pays to its online presence and by inference its clients. These days, a sub-par digital presence is like a dirty storefront – a good indication that the services and products may not be up to scratch.

How does it work?

Well, first of all it’s free and available to anyone who can make their way to:

 To get a detailed report on the state of your (or someone else’s) online presence just enter: 

  • a website URL 
  • the category that the event business operates in 
  • an email address 

Event suppliers that have signed up for an Eventerprise profile will have access to an automatically updated EventerScore in their account dashboards.

Easily digestible results consist of:

 An overall EventerScore based on performance in 3 areas:

Eventerprise score

 How active the event supplier is on the Eventerprise platform.

Domain score

Based on search traffic, incoming links, title & meta tags and server information.

Social Media score

How popular is the website and its content on social media platforms. 

Next steps

To get access to the beta version of EventerScore just fill in your details below. You will be notified as soon as it is ready for action!